We are Kelly and Gabriel.

We love food, we love people, and we love Buenos Aires.

Gabriel literally grew up in the PorteƱo restaurant industry. As a child, his dad would take him to the restaurant where he worked (the famed Parrilla Rosa.) There he learned about customer service and observed in the kitchen- asking questions, taking notes and mixing drinks for important regulars.

At 17 he began working, and from there he flourished, working in some of the best-known restaurants in Buenos Aires, including Marcelo Piegari's Cocina Italiana and the historic Mirasol. He graduated from the Executive Chef program at Gato Dumas culinary school and recently completed a stage at James Beard Award-winning restaurant Frasca in Boulder, Colorado.

Kelly grew up almost 6,000 miles away in Boulder Colorado, snowboarding and taking a general interest in art. After four years at UCSC and a stint working in Vancouver, British Columbia, she moved to Buenos Aires with no connections, no job and a couple years' worth of high school spanish.

After many successes and many more failures, she made a place for herself among the culturally savvy locals and began working at a restaurant in Puerto Madero, where she met Gabriel. Though she now works full-time as a graphic designer and spends her free time painting, she loves hosting dinners, meeting new people and sharing stories with fellow adventurers.