What about...

Should I dress up?

It's up to you. There is no dress code, we want you to feel comfortable. Most people wear something slightly dressly (a button up shirt, a skirt) but sometimes people are coming right off the plance after hiking a glacier and show up in cargo pants and a tee shirt. Either way is fine.

I don't see an address anywhere...

We are located in the Palermo neighborhood, not too far from Plaza Serrano. Once you decide to make a reservation with us we will confirm it with you and give you the exact address.

What time is dinner?

We ask that you arrive around 8:30 pm. Please try to be on time- when you are 20 minutes late the other guests are sitting around waiting for you. Dinner usually lasts until 11:30/12:30 depending on the number of people and the rhythm of the evening.

I'm vegetarian, is it worth it for me?

Definitely! While you won't be enjoying the traditional meat asado, we have plenty of grilled veggies, griled Provoleta cheese, a delicious salad, homemade bread and chimichurri and if you let us know when you make your reservation, I will make my amazing soy-meat empanadas as well. Don't worry, you won't go home hungry, but please do let us knw when you make the reservation.

I'm vegan, is it worth it for me?

Probably not, but it's up to you. Because there are only two of us preparing about 10 different dishes for 10 people we don't have much time to make many seperate versions. Our salad includes goat cheese and even the vegetarian empanadas have eggs, so basically you'd just be having the bread and grilled veggies-not as much fun I'm afraid. :( We reccommend you check out another closed-door restaurant called Jueves a la Mesa.

Can I bring my kids?

Maybe. It probably depends on a couple factors. We don't have a play room or a high chair. If you plan on coming with kids, send us an email at info@adentrodinnerclub.com with details about their age and any special needs and we will try to accommodate.

I don't speak Spanish very well, is that ok?

Of course. In general the guests are a mix of Argentines and non-Argentines, many of whom speak English and all of whom are pretty open-minded (otherwise they wouldn't be eating at our place!) Also, many foreigners find it a nice opportunity to practice their Spanish. At the very least, I speak fluent English and will make sure you have a nice time!

No hablo inglés, está bien?

No importa! Sugerimos que visites nuestro sitio en español. En general los que vienen son una mezcla de Argentinos y extranjeros, de los cuales muchos hablan Castellano y todos suelen tener la mente abierta (sino estarían cenando en Siga la Vaca.) Además, muchos extranjeros buscan oportunidades para practicar su Castellano. Y de último, Gabriel es Argentino y él asegurá que la pases bién!

I don't drink alcohol. Can I pay less?

Yes. We included a glass of wine in the price (unlike many other places that offer a fixed menu) because wine is such an integral part of the Argentine asado. Sometimes spending money on alcohol is viewed as an optional splurge and we wanted to encourage people to enjoy the asado the way it was intended- with a sophisticated and fruity Malbec. If you don't drink alcohol, let us know when you make the reservation. The discounted price is $60 USD/person (as opposed to $65 USD.)

I love wine. Can I purchase more to enjoy with my meal?

Sure. The meal for each person includes a glass of either Catena Zapata Nicasia Red Blend or Blanc de Blanc. You are free to purchase as much as you like either by the glass or by the bottle. Additionally we have higher priced wines for purchase such as Famiglia Bianchi, Saint Felicien, Luigi Bosca, Rutini, Angelica Zapata, Altos Las Hormigas, Clos de los Siete, Salentein etc. You can see our wine list with prices in pesos.

I have some dietary restrictions, can you accommodate?

Celiacs- The only part of our meal that contains gluten is the fresh baked bread on the table. We do have gluten-free empanada wrappers so just let us know when you make the reservation. Other than that it's all meat, dairy, seafood and vegetables!

Nut allergies- We do not use any type of nut or nut oil in any of our dishes.

Shellfish allergies- One of the appetizers is grilled shrimp. We clean the grill with hot water, salt and white vinegar after cooking each ingredient. If your allergy if very severe, let us know so we can find another solution.

Pork avoidance- The chorizo and blood sausages both contain pork, but the rest of the meal does not. There is plenty of other tasty food to eat!

Something else? Let us know when you make the reservation and we will do our best. You can also send us an email at info@adentrodinnerclub.com

What are my payment options?

The dinner costs $65 USD per person and we charge $25 of that as a deposit on your reservation. The remaining balance can be paid in cash (dollars) or by credit card on the evening of the dinner.  Unfortunately, due to high inflation, we no longer accept pesos as payment for the dinner.

Can I reserve Adentro Dinner Club for a private event?

Whether it's your birthday, a work event or just a get together with your best friends, Adentro Dinner Club is a great place to have it. The capacity for our indoor seating is 10 people and for our outdoor terrace, up to 30 people (weather permitting, October through April.) Small enough to encourage conversation but big enough to inlcude all your favorite people. One of the benefits of reserving our house for your event is the possibility of planning a new menu- do you like patagonian lamb and cous cous? How about seafood menu with wine pairings? With a minimum reservation for 6 people, we can cater to all your needs. Please let us know as far in advance as possible so we can make the proper arrangements by emailing us at info@adentrodinnerclub.com.