It's like a dinner party.

Even when you are prepared with the best guidebooks, travelling to another country means struggling to find an amazing local spot to eat. It can also mean striking out with terrible tasting, overpriced food.

That's why it can be really nice to have a contact who invites you over to his or her house and prepares a traditional, homecooked meal.

In Argentina, the asado is an integral part of the cuisine and culture- a gathering of friends and family to spend hours together, grilling over Quebracho-fueled flames, eating, drinking wine, and talking about everything from art to soccer to politics. It is written into the Argentine DNA, but unless you have friends here, it's difficult to get an invite to such a close-knit event.

That's where we come in- we are inviting you to our house for dinner!

A former orthodontist's office, Adentro Dinner Club is now our home, which we open to curious diners every Wednesday night to enjoy a typical Argentine asado and embrace the experience of a shared table in an intimate setting of relaxed abundance. We prepare, we serve, and we sit down to eat in the dining room with you, our guests.

Sound good? Check our availability here.